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Can I update my address after my order was placed?

How do I update my address after my order was placed?

Orders are usually processed after 24 hours, after that time period, the address cannot be changed.

If your order was placed less than 24 hours ago you can easily update your address.

*Please note: The country of destination cannot be changed as we are shipping from the closest print facility.

If you have not reached us in time, your order has already been sent to our automated production center and we will not be able to change the shipping address, we can recommend that you wait until your order is shipped and contact the shipping company, they might be able to assist you with updating your address.

Please click here to query for an address change.

make sure you include the following details:

Order Number, First Name, Last Name,  Phone, Company Name,  Address line 1, Address line 2, City, State, and Zip Code.


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